Double Face 1.5 Inch Ribbon By The Roll

Introducing the premium double faced 1.5 inch satin ribbon by the roll, the perfect choice for those looking for added versatility and durability in their indigenous craft projects. Made from top-quality satin material, this ribbon boasts a smooth and lustrous finish on both sides, offering twice the versatility of single face satin ribbon. Soft to the touch, it is ideal for use in ribbon skirts and shirts, adding a sophisticated touch to traditional indigenous styles. Whether you're using it to trim hemlines or as a decorative accent, this double faced ribbon will provide a smooth, polished look that is sure to impress. Comes in a roll for easy storage and convenience, making it a must-have for any indigenous craft maker. Order yours today and experience the difference of double faced satin ribbon!


Care Instructions and FAQ

Double Face Ribbon is woven on both sides creating a thicker more durable product then Single Face Ribbon. Being woven on both sides Double Face Ribbon is shiny on both sides and does not have the same feel as Single Face Ribbon

Avoid machine washing hand wash only
Spot Clean with damp cloth and mild detergent, rinse ribbon do not wring or twist
Hang to dry or lay flat on clean towel
Store in a cool dry place and avoid exposure to light, heat or moisture



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