Threads of Tradition

Step into a world where the rich tapestry of Indigenous culture intertwines with contemporary fashion. We proudly present our new collection, "Threads of Tradition," an ode to the timeless beauty and enduring spirit of the First Nations. Immerse yourself in a symphony of stunning dresses, skirts, and tops that celebrate the heritage and artistry passed down through generations.
With "Threads of Tradition," we invite you to honor and celebrate the Indigenous spirit within you. Embrace the elegance and grace of these remarkable garments, letting them become an integral part of your journey. Discover the profound stories whispered by the designs, carrying the wisdom and resilience of the past into a vibrant future.
Unveil your own narrative and join us on this extraordinary voyage. Experience the union of Indigenous heritage and contemporary fashion, as "Threads of Tradition" weaves its way into your heart and wardrobe, reminding us all of the enduring beauty found in the threads that bind us to our roots.
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Matriarch Brilliance DressMatriarch Brilliance Dress
Matriarch Brilliance Dress Sale price$124.00 CAD
Banded Traditions TopBanded Traditions Top
Banded Traditions Top Sale price$107.00 CAD
Tipi Harmony WrapTipi Harmony Wrap
Tipi Harmony Wrap Sale price$141.00 CAD
Vivid Ancestry SkirtVivid Ancestry Skirt
Vivid Ancestry Skirt Sale price$136.00 CAD
Warrior's Grace DressWarrior's Grace Dress
Warrior's Grace Dress Sale price$120.00 CAD
Serenity Song DressSerenity Song Dress
Serenity Song Dress Sale price$120.00 CAD
Colourful Traditions DressColourful Traditions Dress
Colourful Traditions Dress Sale price$141.00 CAD
Sacred Silhouette DressSacred Silhouette Dress
Sacred Silhouette Dress Sale price$141.00 CAD
Sisters Dance DressSisters Dance Dress
Sisters Dance Dress Sale price$107.00 CAD
Vibrant Legends SkirtVibrant Legends Skirt
Vibrant Legends Skirt Sale price$120.00 CAD
Spirit of the Ledger DressSpirit of the Ledger Dress
Spirit of the Ledger Dress Sale price$169.00 CAD
Ledger Oppulance DressLedger Oppulance Dress
Ledger Oppulance Dress Sale price$141.00 CAD
Save $42.00
Sisters Dance Fedora HatSisters Dance Fedora Hat
Sisters Dance Fedora Hat Sale price$139.00 CAD Regular price$181.00 CAD
Ancestral Echos DressAncestral Echos Dress
Ancestral Echos Dress Sale price$107.00 CAD
Warriors Story DressWarriors Story Dress
Warriors Story Dress Sale price$90.00 CAD
Sisters Serenade TopSisters Serenade Top
Sisters Serenade Top Sale price$107.00 CAD
Plains Traditions SkirtPlains Traditions Skirt
Plains Traditions Skirt Sale price$128.00 CAD
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