Winter Dance Ankle MocLux

The Inuit people of the Arctic region are the original creators of the traditional footwear known as mukluks. They came in a variety of styles, from shorter and more adaptable to tall and reaching to the knee, and were originally created for various activities and functions, such as travelling, hunting, and fishing. A tough, water-resistant sole that kept the wearer's feet warm and dry in chilly weather was a common feature of all mukluks. The Yupik, Aleut, and Cree are just a few examples of Indigenous groups who adopted and modified the wearing of mukluks and high top moccasins while coming up with their own unique designs and variations. Indigenous Canadians and others who require dependable, cozy, and warm footwear for outdoor activities in chilly weather, like hiking, hunting, or working, continue to wear mukluks today.


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